Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Years Tales!

So 20 days into 2010 I sign back on to wish everyone a happy new decade!!!
....and I already feel like the perplexed vintage New Years Eve hubs in the above pic!!
How did my laundry room get so out of control???!!!??
At the Cliff May home I didn't even HAVE a laundry room...I had a laundry chair.
It was located in a little corner right by the closet that contained the stacked washer/dryer unit.I almost always had a nice (somewhat neat) stack of washed clothes waiting to be folded and put away. Honestly I could NEVER get ahead of this unsightly pile of clean clothes ready to be folded and put away! I dreamed of a future time when I would not have to grab this pile of clothes and hide them in the trunk of my car when company came!!!
Believe me ....the several month time span the house spent on the market.... many was the time I had to run to the car to find a particular recently laundered item!
So just how did I let THIS happen????
I have spent today tidying and flattening holiday boxes that were to be recycled and generally ....just DOING ...EVEN MORE laundry!!
Ya know there is only 4 of us but Laundry is just a time consuming,never let it get more than a couple of days ahead of you,perpetual BEAST!!!
Perhaps I will edit this post and show you a more cleaned up version...but I have not yet even decorated this space so maybe you will just take my word for it.
Such a pleasure to be able to SHUT the door!!!!
Maybe I was just too busy choreographing 4 little 6 year old "Dancing Queens" for the talent show(note Wee Petal on the bottom row!)!
Thats right ...the baby of the family finally entered the "family biz". She and 3 other little Diva-ettes went into a recording studio laid down some Abba trax and then sang and danced to their own sweet voices last Friday.
Hope your 2010 is going well...resolutions for me include doing a better job with the laundry room!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you! Little Petal is cute : )

Household 6 said...

Yah!! I know all about the laundry procreating!

Oh girl, you go on with your cute self and set your lovelies up a Candy Bar! I'm quite amazed that my girls haven't emptied out the jars yet. But I'll tell you, the sour patch kids were hit the hardest!

Amanda Button said...

Happy New Decade to YOU! 2010 no doubt will be fantabulous! :) I am pledging to do my best to keep up with my blog pals better this year. I've missed our little bloggy world and all the lovery ladies i've come to love here.

I love that your wee one is following the family tradition...i knew she'd be onstage one day :) She looks adorable, i know you are the proudest mama in the world!

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Rebecca said...

The girls look great! How much fun!

Gina said...

Hope you are well friend.


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