Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Chuh-Chuh-Changing!!!! It's a Room Re-decorate(the before pics)!!

So all those things I just KNEW I would finish last week cuz' I posted that I would.....well...yeah...I didn't check a single one off my to do list(ok... the little Petal got to help Mommy roll out pizza dough ...does that count?).
...and just what the heck de-railed me?

We have been in our home a bit over 2 years ...and Ruby has never really "connected" with the vibe of her room.

...but then again....the old room at the Cliff May house was a tough act to follow. Read the whole post here.

In the new place the ceiling was not high enough for the loft as you can see in the 2nd pic we went the other extreme and chose something low to the ground. As a result many of the activities (such as the make-up area)are also informal and low to the ground.

The room is fairly zen and fully functional.The original design inspiration was floating in obviously sky blue walls and white furniture. Somehow we never really finished the design of the room which is why it appears so bare. I painted some lovely wood pieces that stark white and when its all said and done I think that's the's just not warm and cozy enough!
Believe it or not her room is never more than 15-20 minutes away from looking just as orderly as these pics.

Even her closet is orderly!!

Ruby has already begun adding warmer gold tones in fun little accessories...and what I really can't wait for is pulling out some pieces we have had stored for over 10 years!
Actually yesterday was spent pulling some long buried pieces and just conceptualizing the space. Figuring out just what she want's in there.
She likes the blue walls which are very cool in tone. I am definitely happy another paint job is not in my near future! I do think it's going to be an interesting challenge warming it up with just "stuff".
Stay tuned for the after!
Have you re-designed your child's room lately?

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