Monday, July 17, 2006

Meow Mix Part Deux

This weekend I fought the ravages of the Texas sun by being a theatre vampire.While others were out playing in the park or the pool , I was in a dark, dank, and dusty theatre applying cat faces.Note the make-up change , also there was no 3 year old on my hip while I was applying it. I now speak Jellicle the way trekkies speak Klingon.
My precious child played Jellylorum, in Cats. If you've seen Cats,and who hasn't except me until Ruby's involvement, she sings "Gus the theatre cat ".
Well, my angel with the crooked halo, she kicked some major kitty booty !
As far as the theatre vampire comment goes, I have to confess,theres no place I would rather be. Here I go, outing myself as the musical theatre nerd that I am. This was a very special and emotional experience for me.
To see my child so beautiful, graceful, and comfortable on stage, it reminds me why, in many ways, the Theatre is my church.
At it's base, the theatre is our mirror. It's all of us. The theatre is never exclusive. For me, right before I go on stage is the closest I feel to my Creator. Because suddenly I am the vessel of a truthful message, I am filled with creativity,and yes, I get all this from a bunch of kids in cat make-up.


deb said...

A local theatre group in my area recently did Cats too.. my husband was in it! :) Even though it doesn't have a great storyline, it's still fun to see adults (or kids) acting like Cats. :) She's an adorable little kitty!

jungle dream pagoda said...

I am on the same page with you about the storyline, however, until I saw it I never realized the kind of artistic journey, these actors are asked to take. Ruby was directed by an actress who had played several roles in Cats, on Broadway, AND they danced the original Broadway choreogrphy!The kids were 15 and under and it did not look or sound like a childrens prod.
I'm curious what did your hubby play?

StephenMosher said...

Dude, she looks FANTASTIC. I am so proud I was there to see the before.

You must be very proud, both of her and of yourself.

Well done, mom!


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