Tuesday, July 11, 2006


This weekend I shall spend being a make-up artist for my daughters production of Cats.The previous sentence, is one I never dreamed I would write.


StephenMosher said...

I gotta say, you leave me in absolute awe. When I was a child my mother was the school mom. She made the costumes for the school plays, she collected used books for the school book sales, she helped throw the parties, she made cakes on peoples' birthdays. I know what it is like to have a mom that is active in your life; and it made all the difference to my growing up years--and, natch, to these years which demand so much of your memory, your history, your patch work quilt of your life.

The detail and attention you pay to your daughters' lives will help them grow into honourable adults. It seems silly to say that helping create Cat costumes and makeup -- not only for your own child but for some of the other kids too! -- would leave such a mark on the memory of your offspring; but it does. She will always remember that you were present. You were there while she was growing up.

AND she looks FABulous!!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

This make-up is incredible. I wanted to email you to say thanks for visiting my blog but I can't figure it out. My pc skills do not go much further than emailing and posting blog entries. Your comments have been great and I really appreciate them. I look forward to more entries on your blog. I especially want to hear of your thrift finds through the midwest. I'm hoping you can find lots of inexpensive vintage items. One of my best memories is going to an auction in Iowa. If only I knew then what my taste would be 15 years later.

aptno3 said...

What a great mom! And I like your kitchen. And your idea of sharing kitchens.
Keep blogging,

Barb said...

So, goth kitten found a theatrical outlet? How purrrfect! A creative child needs a creative environment. I wish I had done that. I want to take a theatre class now--costume design.

carrster said...

She's beautiful! Nice work.


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