Friday, September 29, 2006

A WIP, A Fashion Infraction, and a Nomination

My bathroom has been taken down to the studs. I am NOT a shower girl.I like to soak in the tub. I must trust that it will soon be shiny, new, and amazing. Until that time,I am a shower girl.

The fashion infraction.
Crooked Halo wears a uniform to school. It is a somewhat simple equasion,white collared shirt paired with black,khaki,or, navy pants or skirt.So naturally my tragically hip one likes to push the envelope.She decided to pair black leggings with her skirt and purple converse.It seems the purple Chucks were just fine,it was the leggings that were questionable. She also had a lanyard (for her ID badge) that was covered in wee skellies. This combo proved too subversive for the establishment. She was asked to remove both items. Now I will certainly and firmly, steer my daughter in the direction of following the rules.However, I must note here that it warms the cockles of my heart that she's already bucking the system and marching to the beat of her own drummer. She's quite dramatic about how this uniform is squashing her creative spirit. Its interesting how she is adding her own flourishes of style even WHILE following the rules. So she keeps pushing the boundaries and I keep pushing back . Its a beautiful dance!

The Nomination.
This week I was nominated for a Leon Rabin Award(the Dallas equivilant of the Tonys) for best actress in a musical. I played Mrs Walker in the Pete Townsend rock opera ,"The Whos Tommy".As you can see I followed the path set out by Charlize,Halle,and Nicole ,go dowdy and they'll love ya.Oh,and its true, its just an honor to be by Mark Oristano


Signe said...

Hey, Hey, surpirse entry from Plainfield, IL!! Just checking up on my family in Texas! Congrats on the nomination! Think of you all often...not much of a blogger myself, too busy saving lives and running myself ragged with the girls! Speaking of girls, miss my nieces...I sure understand the beat of Ruby's drum - pound away baby, beat that drum! And Miss Noli looks beautiful in her school outfits - does she need a set of drums to beat on for XMas????
Love you all!

miss vintage love said...

Congrats on your nomination! Thats so great!!

Heidi said...

Congratulations on the nomination. I, too, am a former school uniform wearer who constantly pushed the boundaries. You go girl!

DallasActor said...

I am so proud of your Leon Rabin nomination, LGG! I've seen this girl act for over twenty years now (even though she only looks twenty herself!) She's always been fantastic!

Petula Darling said...


StephenMosher said...


You have always been one of MY favourite's dating back to my college days and THAT'S more years than I should put in print. I am proud of you. I was proud of you the night I surprised you by showing up in the audience at TOMMY, all the way from New York. I am proud of the nominators for (finally) acknowledging what we LGG fans have known all along: this is a talent of which one need take note. What is it Mr Miller said?

Attention must be paid.

A toast to a lovely actress who recognizes that YES it is an honour to be invited to the party. The trophy is not the prize; only another thing around the house to dust. It is lovely. It is not the prize. The prize is the invitation.


As proud as I am of you for your personal artistic victory....

I am more proud that you have created offspring that will find a way to be an individual--at any cost.

I am overwhelmed with love and pride for two parents who teach their child to stand out in a crowd; for a little girl who will be like her mother and set trends; for a father who works his (can I say 'cute'?) ass off to create a safe haven where his wife and two daughters can blossom; for a mother who has made it her job to create (for the world) two women of the future who will make this planet a more interesting place to be.

Uncle Pat just woke up and I told him the Ruby story and he said:

"Oh, what a ride it's going to be!"


Anonymous said...

Yeah... boundary lines - those are fun (not)

Sigh. Rules. They're meant to be broken, or rewritten right?


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