Sunday, October 01, 2006

October 5432, ETSY

Alright I'm a cheater pants ,so I got a thing for pagodas,so sue me.Please tell me how I could possibly limit myself to profiling just one etsy artist. Anyway,MaryAnn
started the cheating. Honestly could you resist this darling embroidered button/badge from Icklebird?For 5 dollars? What the heck do Icklebird mean anyway?I highly reccomend visiting Icklebirds, "Prettyville".Her items are cute and whimsical,and will always make you smile.She even has a blog, The Prettyville Press. I do wish she would post more often because I so much enjoy her creativity.Opening her package was a mini party in itself ,my goodie was wrapped AND she sent me an extra little toy!
My second etsy shop stop wasBread Pudding Designs. This lovely designer is a girl after my own heart. She embellishes little girls clothes from a recycled source. Look at the little Tim Burton-esque rag doll patch(you may click on the image to enlarge), and only 5 dollars!She has just restocked her shop with Fall goodies,so I highly recommend taking a look.Unfortunately she has no blog. I selfishly wish it was an ETSY rule requiring a blog of all its shopkeepers so we could all take a peek into the psyche of these talented designers and artists!
5432 ETSYis a worthy challenge to support and you can still join in AND do some holiday shopping!


Sarah said...

okay, that skirt is a RIDICULOUS bargain! wow! And we all knew you were getting that pagoda button....;P

madmommy said...

Very cool...I love both of your finds. I think the best part of 5432etsy is seeing the vast array of items and their artists. Thanks for sharing!

MaryAnn said...

I may be a cheater, but at least I'm cheating for a good cause!


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