Monday, May 28, 2007

Playing with Dollies and Painting My Own Live Doll's Playhouse

A guilty pleasure that I proudly embrace,is my love of dollies.
Any dollies really,but especially RETRO dollies.I share this affinity for grown-gal dollie play with my sister.Meet the newest Pagoda prop...little Susie Sad Eyes.Inspired by the big eyed waif paintings of Margaret Keane,she is already making herself at home among my oddities.
What I really want is a Little Miss No-Name.I find her quite the creepy little waif(more wraith really) in her burlap dress,and tugging at our heart strings with her crystal tear and blue eye shadow. I also find her quite irrisistable.
Amanda has joked to me before about her fear of"blog assimilation".I'm afraid where Blythe is concerned,my "resistance is futile".
Oh yes,Blythe may very well be the Borg of Bloggy-land!
Crooked Halo wants nothing more to do with her dolls(silly child,she'll be back!). She had all the Diva Stars. Hmm,me thinks they look a wee bit familiar...and their MINE now!!!
Ofcourse my number one favorite doll in ALL the universe is Dawn.She and her freinds are the stars of my Dollie Doppleganger stories.Read them here,and and here .
"The most beautiful doll in the world" ! Who knew? Ofcourse I cast Dawn as Vanessa,Glory plays me.
...and last but not least,and just for Alex ,heres my Jem and the Holograms doll.
Can you tell I'm into You-tube lately?
What did I spend Memorial day weekend doing? Taking the Pink Palace down to a sophisticated toffee color. Can you say ,covered and coated with Kilz 3 times?
I tend to be very susceptible to advertising. My painting break treat was the new "limited edition Carnival" Skittles.You can taste the rainbow in:
Cotton Candy
Red Licorice
and Green Slushy.
Hey wheres Kettle Corn?

Next up, My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine,and more on Crooked Halo's room re-decorate!


Ivy Frozen said...

Wow... I need that Dawn doll. She's the best, most beautiful doll ever created. ::drools::

stilettoheights said...


love her, I had a mad crush on Rio when I was small...

some day I will be doing a post about my obsessive girl army of dolls and figures too, lol.

Sarah and Jack said...

3 coats of kilz? I would have never gotten that far! LOL

(Now I need skittles for breakfast....hmmmm.)

Anonymous said...

OH my, I am missing Top Model, hardcore. I am trying to keep my eye out for a new show to snark on, but so far nothing..summer is so blah for tv which is probably a good thing for my future sewing skills.

I am all for blog assimilation and I love dollies!!! I have a giant collection, not as gorgeous as yours, but special, mostly homemade porcelain and knitted dolls by my grandmother.

Vallen said...

Girl, you really know how to live. Carnival Skittles and playing with dolls, wow!

cruststation said...

I have to say the first two retro dolls are kinda creepy, but I can't resist Blythes either (if only they were more affordable). I think it's fantastic that you have a wonderful collection of dolls.

Karen Beth said...

Great collection and great post! I always love to see the goodies from your world. :)

Elizabeth said...

jdp - I think hubs was really fascinated by the moving dolls and their cars - boy - that red just really blends in with the rest of the room here (altho I am thinking about a color called sticks and stones) -

now about that musical... you will need to be more specific - I live in a more... shall we say 2 dimensional world - but I am willing to talk - shall we say turkey?!?

xox - eb.

alexgirl said...

Oh my god, those dolls are AMAZING!!
And you know how I feel about Jem! hah. Rio was the best--that purple hair was so sexy. And I loved the way they all did their makeup.
Those skittles look so gross! I guess I'd try red licorice, but cotton candy sounds blech!

Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

Love the Dolls, but CARNIVAL SKITTLES - OMG. I thought the Ice Cream ones were good.

Rebecca said...

Can't wait to see the new grown up room! I am on the fence about dolls, many of them give me willies ;)

Vanessa V said...

Oh, Kandeedo and I had all those Gem creatures! They were huge dolls. They towered over our barbies...It was sooo fun! I love being cast as the lovely girl.. Just love it....I am on a could now. xxxxooooo

mosaic queen said...

Loving the new blog color!!! How fitting!!!!!!!
My daughters are afraid of dolls. I think I let them watch Chuckie too many times when they were little! They used to have a talking doll named Cricket. I thought that they were being ridiculous when they would want her put into the closet before bedtime. That is until I spent a night in their room because I was mad at the hubby. I swore Cricket was watching me.....smiling at me.......aaaaaaahhh!!!! I got up and stuffed that b.... in the closet. We gave her away soon after that.
p.s. love the tan color in the room. 3 coats of kilz???? you are my hero!

Rachelle said...

WOW! Sad Eye's dress is too awesome!

MaryAnn said...

Jem - did you know she's truly outrageous?

Anonymous said...

IF they put a gun to me head....I would wear the 1994 prom dress. It would bring back memories and I would go out and about NYC as un-ironically as I could. Maybe I would tell people that it was a forced upon bad bridesmaid dress, ha.

amanda button said...

Ohhhh, how i adored Jem when i was a wee freak-larva....i hold her personally responsible for my love of weird pink hair even now, at my advanced age of supposedly "knowing better" teehee!!! I will never grow out of it, and it is ALL JEM'S FAULT!!! :D

Blythe scares me....those eyes, they just freak me out completely...but that commercial was the best ever! SO GROOVY! :)

Angelina said...

I think the crying doll would give me nightmares!


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