Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, America,and Happy Birthday ,Jungle Dream Pagoda!!

Freedom salutations,from Barbie,Skipper,and Brad! Happy birthday America !
Malibu Francie,Fluff,and Ken would also like to join in on the celebrations."Whats that you say,celebrations?".Yup,July, the same month that brought you the signing of "The Declaration of Independence",also brought you the birth of Jungle Dream Pagoda!I have lots of fun planned for my blog-o-versary month,but 1st,some long overdue thankyous and sharing of goodies!
Look at what came in the mail from Jennifer of the wonderful Martha-esque The Felt Mouse! Do you see the pagoda? She was unsure of what this lovely hand-painted piece of silk was but felt it belonged with me.
I must say ,as I unwound ,and continued to unwind the this amazing piece of art,I thought I might be stumped as to what this was too.The images seemed to be telling a story.Suddenly the paintings changed directions.It was a sari!
Somehow,this beautiful garment is telling someones autobiographical tale.Do you see what the mommy is doing? You may click to enlarge.Thankyou Jennifer!
Another long overdue thankyou,I owe,is to thoughtful Maryann of A Very Mary Design. She sent this wonderful tee awhile back. Isn't it groovy?!!?? You may see an adult tee,but I see a little girls dress. You will when I am finished.Thankyou again Maryann,and sorry it took me so long!
I wanted to share some of the artwork that goes on at the Pagoda. My girls are prolific.Doesn't this cupcake girl (by my oldest)remind you of Vanessa's work?In a very simplistic form ofcourse!
My Littlest Blossom is into drawing girl vampires! Where did this inspiration come from? Could be big sisters daily dose of "Buffy",could be ,could buzz(gratuitous Bard quoting)!
Look at these pagoda-fied paperdolls I found!
...and this tiny pagoda was a gift from my own big sister!
For my birthday my talented sister gave me a Dawn that she had turned into a mermaid. Hmmmm,puts me in the mood for A Dollie Doppleganger Story....

On Americas special day I ask you to take 8 minutes and watch our fore-fathers sign The Declaration of Independence,in "1776". This beautiful scene never ceases to bring a tear to my eye,and oh yes,thats a future "Mr Feeney",playing John Adams!


eb said...


(on the lookout for pagoda items...)


the Boonester captured some amazing fireworks on his new digi - we will see about processing and posting later

wish you were closer too...

oh the artful messes we could make...

no worry - a stack o' jdp's makes me feel secure... and loved... tee hee -

I'm feeling a little silly -

xox - eb.

Gypsy Purple said...

Congrats with your blog anniversary!!!!

stilettoheights said...

happy blog o versary month!!!!

love all your little pagoda pieces (note the alliteration)


cruststation said...

Happy Birthday JD Pagoda! Fantastic double celebration of America's Independence day and Blogiversary :) (love the outfits you put your dolls in -very patriotic). Love the little girl's creations...should little Blossom be watching Buffy?

Anonymous said...

Yay, pagoda-overload. What great gifts. Ar you going to create something with the sari or keep it sari-licious? Your girls are blossoming artists, I like the ideas in their work, you can never draw enough girl vampires!

sweetheartville said...

Happy birthday, JDP! Love the paperdolls and your girls' artwork. Here's to many more years of kickin' it pagoda style!

alexgirl said...

your posts are always SO entertaining!
I love the patriotic Barbie pics. Awesome.
And your littlest blossom is very good at drawing girl vampires. It's an important skill to have!
Happy 4th, and happy blog-BIRTHDAY!!

stephanie said...

Happy Birthday and blog---day!!

Love the mermaid Dawn, I'm into mermaid's these days.

Mary Ann said...

Happy Pagoda-versary!

Gina said...

Love the dolls, they are so groovy in their Americana attire! Hope you had a happy fourth. And happy blogiversary!! We all love your presence so very much!

Rachelle said...

YAY! Happy Blogoversary! I hope you're around FO-EVA cause I just love stopping by!

Angelina said...

Those paper dolls are amazing!!

Happy birthday to your blog!!

VictoriaE said...

EEK! the sari! the girls' drawings! The red and blue barbie clothes! SO inspirational, happy birthday jdp!

Peta said...

Happy Fourth of July Lisa-Gabrielle! Can't wait to see your next dolly story!

Timothy Hogan said...

Happy Birthday JDP! Four score and seven years or so ago, in a galaxy far, far away my favorite drag Queen (Bertha Vanation) said these wise words to me:

"If you step in my light again, chorus boy, I will tear out your still-beating heart!"

I still shiver.


jungle dream pagoda said...

Spewing Diet red-bull this very second!!! Timothy ,you are soooooo funny!!
Cruststation- I know, watching Buffy,um,not so much!
Citl girl,Jody!! I dunno ,haven't yet decided what to do with the sari,we are ALL ,AGOG, over it here at the Pagoda!

miss vintage love said...

I love the variety in your posts! So much fun stuff!

A Fanciful Twist said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIrthday to you JDP, to America, to Happiness. Happiness? Does it have a birthday? I love it!!! A Vanessa in the making. heheh. Quite good actually!!! And Vamipres! Love them. Love "Lost Boys!" Love it all. Did youknow you got delted from my favotie lblogs. And you were the firtst one ever?? How could that happen. You just disappeared one day???? But, I fixed that right up!! xoxoxo

fashionistakay said...

Digging the groovy tee and mini pagoda.Happy belated b-day!

Mary Jane said...

Oh the Pagoda
What fun they're always having
Life is very sweet


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