Monday, July 16, 2007

...and now back to our regularly scheduled posting!

So hows your summer going? Mine is busy,busy,busy!....and thus I took a little unexpected bloggy break!
Crooked Halo is playing Bagheera ,in Disney's The Jungle Book,shown here with King Louis.It was quite exciting because my oldest baby had one of the leads,and quite a bit of dialogue. She was in a word ,GRRRRRRREAT!
Naturally, I designed the make-up and acted as make-up artist/theatre vampire all week.I love how Shere Khans tiger makeup turned out. Shown here,celebrating after the show,you may click to enlarge any pic.
Have I shared my latest e-bay obsession with you? I have been snapping up vintage Seventeen magazines from the 70's lately. Sure the 60's had better design,but there is just something about these mid-70's tomes,that is completely capturing my imagination .

Perhaps its their anybody can wear this "Look what we found " feature found in every issue.This is a special little section,where the editors find funky fabulous goodies. Maybe its a Woolworth shopping spree,or perhaps its....
a visit to wonderfully quirky New York City boutique!Just look at these skirts!
Embellished denim? Makes my heart pitter-pat,and how about those shoes.
Look what JDP found! The same shoes! This time by Dollhouse and snapped up for less than fifteen dolllars at Ross!

I am loving the clever styling for these skirts(click,enlarge and read). These skirts are giving me such inspiration.
Do you know what my secret fantasy ambition is?
To be a childrens clothing designer!
So during my bloggy break I set about to make it happen.
Introducing.... my ETSY shop Jungle Dream Pagoda!
I call this little girls skirt "Hattie".
The back has wonderful vintage fabric.
The front has a vintage apron worked into recycled jeans.
This is "Amaryllis".
The back has the same vintage baby blue lace as the patch.
Heres "Calliope".
Shes made from recycled jeans thrifted lace appliques a vintage apron and...
...a crocheted doily.
"Delilah" is a baby girl jumper,made from a rough and already tumbled in denim ,a vintage hankie ,and vintage embroidery.
I will also feature childrens vintage. This little boys 70's jacket will certainly make that casual but hip statement we moms love.
Right now ,I want to focus on a childrens shop,including fun vintage toys and decor. Although,from time to time I just might throw something in for the big kids.
Any special requests of things you would like to see in my ETSY shop?


Rachelle said...

Way cool. If I had a kid, I'd totally bust him up in vintage. It's nice to see AGE appropriate kids clothing isn't it?

stephanie said...

First of all, the make up is perrrrrfect....sorry, couldn't resist.

And all that 70's stuff....the socks with the toes...had those! The wedges...although that's all back now. The jean skirts, how many of those did I make??? should have great success with them on etsy!!

kimberly sherrod said...

! Congrats! I love your stuff! I want you to come back over and check out this post on Louise Black. Amanda turned me on to her!

sweetheartville said...

Cool make up and I love the altered clothes! Good luck with the etsy shop. How exciting!

stilettoheights said...

OMG I can't believe you, how sneaky setting up shop like that without anyone knowing!!!!!

your shop is wonderful and I have already "hearted" it, if you need any etsy help let me know!!!

also love your obsession with vintage Seventeen magazines, I am currently obsessed with Japanese Vogue, and vintage Nancy Drew books!

Vallen said...

This is going to be a winning venture, I can just tell. I love your choices. Fingers crossed for success.

A Fanciful Twist said...

HI!!!! Love the make-up!! And you shop is adorably wonderful!!!!!xoxox

miss vintage love said...

I love vintage magazines! I just scored a bunch of my moms 60's & 70's movie mags, so much fun.

cruststation said...

I LOVE crooked halo's make-up, you did a great job on her! Congrats also for her part in Jungle Book. The skirts with the appliques are cool, hooray on your etsy shop, I stumbled on a website the other day that you might find interesting, will email it to you when I find it.

Anonymous said...

OMG, you now have an etsy shop! I am so over there to heart the crapola out of you later this evening and plan my future nieces and nephews wardrobe. Congratulations! and PS I have an addiction to all mags from the later 1970s, I just love them.

Mary Ann said...

Good luck with your new etsy endeavor!

Anonymous said...

Lovin' the skirts, girl!!
Don't tell anyone, but I still wear toe socks! They rock!!!

Heidi said...

Hey, I had those sandals in the 70s! Congrats on opening your shop. Good luck with it!

AnastasiaC said...

ohhh awesome! if that denim skirt with vintage apron motif fitted me Id buy it - so sweet!!
love the 70's mags - too cool for school!

VictoriaE said...

Wow - congratulations of you new shop!
70s book and mags "capture my imagination" too - I just wouldn't have thought to describe it that way, but that is it.

eb said...

now - Crooked Halo is divine

but of course...



in 1973 - 4 maybe 1975 too...

I made denim skirts like that

not as fancy mind you


(at least in Lincoln Ne)


... so I made them and sold them

now how do you like that!?!

(no calculating!)

we gotta talk etsy...

HOORAY JDP!!!!!!!!!

xox - eb.

Angelina said...

Congratulations on your new venture!

I especially love the overall dress. I'm not much of a denim fan, but using your vintage touches to embellish it is charming!

I just can't embrace the '70's chic yet as it reminds me too much of my muddled and unhappy childhood. I have a feeling though that in a few more years I'll be able to enjoy it for all it's earthy offerings.

I collect old Redbook mags and Household mags. I love them!

alexgirl said...

Jungle Dream Pagoda, you are one of the most creative people I have ever encountered! Love all the denim.
And Crooked Halo looks so adorable. I bet the show was a huge success.

Thanks for your congratulatory wishes! The book signing was a blast. I do hope you'll think about getting a copy of Back Talk. My agent is at Folio Lit. Selling books is SO hard! jeez. I've just finished my second, and keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to sell this one too!

Oh, and vintage mags? AWESOME!!

Jane said...

Awesome! I am going to be in such trouble if we ever have a girl!

amanda button said...

Again, i have girl-child envy! It's all absolutely precious!!!

Jungle Cat make-up is beautiful!!!!!!

Timothy Hogan said...

You are so stinkin' amazing! The JUNGLE BOOK makeup was lovely, very sophisticated. Your ETSY designs look destined to hook into little girls and their tasteful marms.

Let me know when your Husky Guy Line premieres!

What would Black Denim bring to ETSY?


Mary Jane said...

I've got that magazine thing too! Mademoiselle's are good ones too.

Gina said...

Those faces are amazing! You sure are multi talented! They look professional, like they would be on broadway or something. Looks like you had a lot of fun! What beautiful skirts, inctedible! WOW!! And congrats on your etsy shop!!!

Peta said...

Oh L-G, I love the Seraphina dress!
That cat skirt from the seventies is so cool.

Dee Light said...

Love the make up!!! How fun for your daughter to be in such a great play!!!

70's Seventeen!!! Too, cool!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to pop over and say that I love the newly added vintage items you have in your shop, you have such wonderful finds!

Rebecca said...

Doesn't Crooked Halo look fabulous! Her hair is adorable. I'm sure she brought down the house. :)

Karen Beth said...

Hooray! You have an Etsy store! Your wares are beautiful. Love the clever skirts!


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