Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vintage Inspiration from Vintage Seventeen Magazines

Though I believe it was the 60's that actually discovered wearing vintage clothes as a fashion statement, it was the 70's that rushed in and decided to claim that particular brand of shopping as thier own badge of individuality. By the mid-seventies it was even ubiquitous enough to nab a place in advertising.
This 1974 ad from the makeup Cornsilk(click to enlarge and read)was even clever enough to write a little story about the type of unique girl with a knack for finding the perfect accessory at the thrift store ,to enhance her distinctive style.
Wait a minute, did I just write about a girl who had an uncanny knack to shop at thrift stores? Thats it! Thats why I love theses seventies mags. I love all things vintage and these magazines write about vintage! ...follow me...ITS A VINTAGE PERSPECTIVE ON HOW TO DRESS VINTAGE !!!
What really catches my eye about this wonderful girls sense of style,is that art nouveau belt buckle she found at the thrift. It even moved me to search online for something similar. Little did I know that the bounty yielded by her 70's thriftventure would now cost 450 dollars and up!
...and then I began thinking...wait a miute where have I seen that face before? Okay,so its not a cool belt buckle,but a cool neclace is even better,right?If you have been reading JDP for awhile you have probably already seen this neclace. I have had it for many years and I can still remember the way my heart pounded and my breath quickened ,when I first saw it in the thrift store jewelry case. I very unusually do not remember what I paid for it,but I guarantee it was under 5 dollars. I have certain rules about thrift store prices after all.

Here is another amazing example of the art nouveau lady.You will notice these 1st two examples are pins.
...but I was able to find these adorable cherub belt buckles.
I love them too.
Her neclace also caught my eye. I found this comparable beauty online.
...and heres the Pagoda version.A chain of silver roses snapped up for a dollar at an antique mall last fall.
I fell absolutely in love with this silver leaves neclace...
....but I think it was just because it reminded me of one that I already owned. This one came from my favorite vintage clothing store,Ahab Bowen.
I find it very interesting,as a devout silver jewelry lover, how I have come to covet certain gold pieces.This enameled locket reminds me of....
...this Marie Antoinette-ish locket inherited from my grandmother.
Another similar enameled piece from Grandma.

These little cherubs have a mirror on the opposite side (another Grandma piece).
This last inherited piece combines silver and gold in its double strands and mirrored locket.
Looking a bit like this watch fob.
I can imagine our fictional style heroine in ALL of these pieces paired with delecate vintage lace , lucious velvet dresses,or with her simple and spare denim.I tend to be quite susceptible to advertising so I am sure I would have been a Cornsilk girl.
I love how my vintage Seventeen magazines are inspiring me !
Check out this inspirational vintage jewelry site!
Coming soon... My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine....with a special bloggy land guest!


Gina said...

Incredible! How beautiful! I too have a favor towards silver, but if a gold item is just so too lovely, it can surpass my preference.

Stephanie said...

You have such incredible collection...your grama had great taste!

I was that girl in '74, jeans worn out just right...this GREAT long velvet purple coat I found and wore to death, the very best sweaters from Bazaar Bizarre (how did I remember that name!) BUT, I would not have worn the cornsilk....no make up for this gal back then!

Stephanie said...

oh...it was probably Bizarre Bazaar...

Seraphine said...

You have an amazing eye for jewelry. The next best thing to actually going shopping with you is reading your blog. Nice!

stilettoheights said...

those art deco pieces are wonderful, when I was little (and even now) every time I saw an art deco girl I always wanted to be her!

Sarah and Jack said...

When I was about 13 my grandma started a subscription to 17 for me. I thought I was *the* coolest thing ever when that magazine came in the mail every month. Will have to keep my eye out for the old ones!

Anonymous said...

dear, you should definitely organize and display all your wonderful collections and charge people to come and view at your home. Everytime you post I am amazed at what you have to display from within your own deep closets. jungle dream pagoda, the world's first thrift store museum? ha. Theatre vamping, wish I was...maybe soon! Aren't you off to NY soon?

sweetheartville said...

Love all the jewelry! You have a great eye.

Timothy Hogan said...

I bow to The Queen of the Seventeen Scene! The Cornsilk ad really took me back because I used it regularly to "lock in" my stage makeup. Is it even made any longer? I can remember unscrewing the flat, blue, plastic container it came in.

Nostalgic over face-powder,


Angelina said...

I really love that nouveau styled necklace with the flowers. It looks like it's dripping.

You really need to be an editor for a style magazine.

You have the gift.

Rebecca said...

Oh I heart vintage jewelry. :) And like you, I'm a silver girl but some gold pieces are catching my eye, too! Especially that antique gold look.

miss vintage love said...

Gorgeous jewelery! Love all the pics. Oh, and feel free to post a pic of your lucite heels anytime;)

cruststation said...

Oh gosh, lucky you! How I swoon over your gorgeous art deco jewellery collection! Can I shop at your house? (love this post, informative and inspirational)

Wendy said...

My latest passion is dangly stuff, too. Just found a '40s celluloid necklace with leaves (on eBay) and am waiting for it to arrive. It's best, though, to find a treasure at a thrift store for just a buck or two. That quickening pulse... the shortness of breath... the ambulance ride to the hospital... Ah, well, as long as I got that beautiful old necklace!

Petula Darling said...

They're all pretty, but I extra-love the art nouveau pieces!

AnastasiaC said...

wow what a FAB
amazing pieces..love the
top illustration too!

Feathers said...

Ooooooooh, what an amazing collection of jewelry, I love it all. I remember reading 17 magazine too, loved that mag :)

Anonymous said...

oooooh, heaven!!!!
You are so funkaliciously sublime, dahlin!
I want all of those bling blings!

alexgirl said...

Pagoda, you are too cool! You find the most amazing stuff.
I'm sure you'll do a bit of shopping when you hit NYC!!
I especially love the watch fob. I love that word. Fob.

A Fanciful Twist said...

Your friend has had the flu. But she certainly missed you!!!!

Why do you look like the girl on the cover of that mag??Hmmm.

I love you in that necklace, the big silver one!!!You have sooo many treasures!!! Wow!!!! Wonderful! xoxoxo

Karen Beth said...

It is imperative to have thrifting rules, I think. Ha! It is fun though isn't it?

Love the leaf necklace. So elegant!

Emma said...

Stunning jewelry.

Jenny Patterson said...

Oh my, I remember that ad! In fact I tore it out and saved it for many years because I thought it was SO kewl!


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