Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Thriftin' I Have Been !

Look at this adorable dollie!!! My mother was the actual thrifter victor on this sweet thing,and she gifted it to me this past weekend!
She wears a long vintage lacey,ecru dress,that I myself would love....and she sweeps her long red hair into a ponytail fastened with a vintage rhinestone clip!For extra quirky-ness she chose the orange Maryjane's instead of the more predictable black. A girl after my own heart I tell you!
Ah,but I have been holding back on you in the area of Thriftventures. I have been hitting the thrifts at least once a week. The Sal/Army close to us has half off clothes customer appreciation Wednesdays and believe me I HAVE been indulging!!Your probably wondering whats so special about this top,well to start with it was originally 1.99 original tags on. I don't usually partake of modern clothes from the thrift unless they are overalls....
...but I found this shirt irresistible,with its vintage like print and tiny rick-rack trim. Couple that with one of my fav-o-rite style tenets, a sheer see-thru quality,AND it was soft as buttah!I was a goner for it! I also grabbed the vintage pearl /link necklace for 1.99 !
I know HOW can I be thinking Spring while still in the throes of 90 degree weather and hopefully the promise of cooler days ahead? Well, could YOU have resisted this hard plastic bunny for 59 cents? Or how about the planter ,also for 59 cents? The embroidered card table cloth was.99,and I splurged on the daisy doily for 2.99!
This night gown was just a buck with the half off,could you scream for the print(click to enlarge)?
This is how I will wear it if it ever gets cold enough!
Look at this crazy old lady, haus frau dress,also a buck.
My best college chum and I called both of these looks "Worship of the Ugly",it was a bit of a regular uniform I never grew out of!
This was the cherry atop my thrift fudge sundae !!! A seafoam green floor length Cheongsam for 2.50(orig price tag 4.99)! I haven't even tried it on yet,but I felt it was worth the gamble!

Well I gotta run. This afternoon is phase 2 of my little blossoms dentist visits,but before I go.....
...and just to cleanse the palate of unseasonable fluffy bunnies,I give you the Rankin/Bass' 1967 trailer for Mad Monster Party!

Next up.... ookie Pagoda Halloween decor!


rochambeau said...

I new doll to star the the shows!!
She will be a award winner, I'm sure!
Now, about that seafoam green dress!
Ooooh Doggies!! You done good!!
I live a 1/2 mile away from my all time favorite thrift store. The most I spend is 2 or 5 $. I adore thrifting!
Have fun today. Wonder what you're gonna be for Halloween?
Could it have something to do with chopsticks perchance?

rochambeau said...

I meant A new Doll!! not i

Heidi said...

I've never seen that Rankin/Bass movie. I didn't even know they did a Halloween one! Funny.

That nightgown with the ladies' faces is awesome! Love the Cheongsam too--so pretty! I always wanted a red one. :)

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

I LOVE your blog! I gotta add you to my faves! You truely are a lucky dog at the thriftin'!

AnastasiaC said...

oh i love that dollie...how sweet!
you come back with the best things!!!

A Fanciful Twist said...

How on earth do you do it!! You find treasures everytime!!! Fab fab fab!!! Although, you could wear a paper back and look like a total dish!! xoxox

Jennifer said...

Glad the fashionable doll found a home with a fashionable owner!

mosaic queen said...

Love what you do with the nightgowns. I would've never thought.
Oh, and good luck at the dentist. I remember those times well with the lil ones.

stilettoheights said...

love that creepy new doll!!! At this time of year all dolls get just a little "creepier"

The Fairy Godmother said...

Great finds but for me the doll wins hands down.

eb said...

love that sea foam dream!

xox - eb.

Jane said...

I am a sucker for those bunnies!

Marjorie said...

Oh!! Hooray for thrifting!! : )

miss vintage love said...

Oh that dolly is heavenly! I love her!

cruststation said...

I am in love with the dollie your mum got you, fabulous find! Lovely thrifted goodness all around, I wish we had stores with cool finds like these.

alexgirl said...

I'm loving all the halloween decor! That is so fun. And all the little details--fantastic!

Have fun in Marfa! I've heard it's incredible. Also, I am dying to read Weetzie Bat--thanks for the reminder!


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