Friday, November 16, 2007

Fashion Friday,this could be a long one Project Runway has begun!

Blogging time sucker warning: LEVEL ORANGEMonday night was my special awards event. For those curious,I didn't win, Best Supporting Actress.I didn't win Best Actress last year either. I have decided I will become the Susan Lucci of the Dallas theatre scene. Not a bad thing to be ,I might add.
Cest la vie,and on to the fashion! The pictures are actually staged and shot a couple of days after my event.I had to arrive early for a rehearsal ,so I had no one home to act as photographer when I left the house. I didn't start snapping pics at the event ,until well after I had taken my own hair down for Hair,and then hastily re-dressed (sans accessories,woops!)to sing in the finale.
I love the creative solution my mother came up with for the hemline! Once we actually sat down with the garment and turned it inside out,we discovered it was handmade.I was worried a new tapered hemline would show too much and be unattractive.My mother said "lets follow the line of the lace and just cut it and leave it raw"!Well,I have never been shy about cutting into vintage hand work,so we dove right in!Creating a tiny flipped up hem,only for the longest portion in the back.My only regret is I wish we had tailored the bodice more,it was a tad too big and with the draped neckline,I felt I looked a little disproportionate. On the other hand my lady lumps never looked bigger!
So what are the styling details? You might note I eliminated the original rather floppy bow at the waistline.The key to this look really was putting my hair up. If I had not been doing a scene from Hair,I think I would have splurged and had my hair professionally done in an artful arrangement. I had originally envisioned pearls and hues of antique white as the color accent. A last minute change of heart(due to the lack of perfect shoes)conjured up this look.Rhinestones and over the elbow gloves,with black as the dramatic accent color.I carried a tiny Whiting and Davis silver mesh bag,wore sheer black hose,and plain classic high heeled black pumps.Upon further reflection I should have traded the rhinestone necklace for a wide black ribbon and an ornate rhinestone pin, tied round my neck.
Over all I was pretty pleased with the final look.
The hair up really does make all the difference!
My sister has a blog!!! If you have time please go and say hi to my uber-talented sister Durelle.She just opened up Demi Divas by Durelle ,so she could play along with Project Dollway,an adorable riff on P.R.,but the scale is dollie size fashion.My sister is participating in the at home challenges on her blog and just won the"LBD + one" challenge(little black dress + one accent color). I have been following the contest and am amazed at the attention to detail and scale these artists employ.
....and of course it was a fun warm up to....
Who else guessed this dress would be a slam dunk to win? I am by NO MEANS saying it was my favorite(not even in my personal top 5),but I will say it was magnificent draping and make a reckless guess that Rami will be in the final 3.
Many of the designers work I will adore in spite of my lack of personal interest in there point of view,fashion-wise.Rami,Chris ,and Stephen will probably land in this category for me.
Onto those I find interesting:
His little dress was definitely in my top 5. It was incredibly wearable(though it looked better on the runway),and by virtue of that design alone,I am curious as to what else he can do.
Kit Pistol
She is in a category I am going to call "the deconstructors" . I am easily drawn to this category. I loved the sneak peek at her previous design experience,and also loved her runway dress last night. The challenge was "show us who you are",and this dress does that wonderfully.
Also in my deconstructor category. I loved the "poo-ing fabric dress",as mommy Heidi dubbed it.I was quite worried she might be out(though Simone also seemed quite the obvious auf'ed designer). I think the judges see something in this artist. If she can refine the details and finish of her garments,watch for outside of this competition,as I fear her stay on P.R may be a bit short. She has a Victor and Rolf vibe that I love!
Another deconstructor. Marion's dress was quite disappointing to me ,though it also looked MUCH better on the runway. You can certainly tell he has something to say. I loved the peeks at his submission designs and predict he will come back with a stronger design next week and be the last deconstructor standing.
She is my early favorite and I loved her dress the most last night. Peeks at her submitted work ,bring to mind Rebecca Taylor,a favorite designer of mine.
She is also in my reckless top final 3 prediction.
Who gets my other final 3 prediction?
That would be Stephen,that suit was stunning.
Anyone else wish to recklessly predict the final 3?


Heidi said...

You look fab! The dress turned out great and you wear it well. Bummer that you didn't win, but at least you looked great! :)

Sarah and Jack said...

I am still laughing about the fabric poo.

I have no clue who is going to be the winner. And I dont even know who to like yet! The draping on that winning dress though, wowzer!

Stephanie said...

Well, if you didn't win the best supporting actress award you should have been a shoe-in for the best dressed!

And!! there are two of you!! that talented sister...too fun!

rochambeau said...

Dear Jungle,
You look magnifique in your incredible ice blue gown. You pulled it together nicely and I appreciate you letting us see the outcome!!
In my book YOU are the winner, because WE LOVE YOU !!

We don't get Bravo any more, so you are my connection. The woman with the blue dress and the outlandish handbag is the most elegant to me.

I want you to know, it would be SO GREAT to see you in a production at the Quadrangle, but I will only be in Dallas for 1/2 days. ;-( I hoped we could meet for coffee or that you and your family can come to Jefferson, and we'll show you around.


Petula Darling said...

I love how you did the hem - you look great!
I had to skip over the Project Runway part of the post since I haven't had time to watch the episode and hate to be spoiled. I'll check back in once I've caught up.

Donna O. said...

Hi Lisa- I'm so glad it's back!!Loved the show- Yes, Jillian's dress was darling but I fear we part ways on Elisa- we'll see next week- I'm open!!
I agree with the booted gal- was she the one who makes life-sized marionettes?
PS- And you looked adorable in your dress Miss Lucci!!!

mosaic queen said...

Too Funny!!! I thought the same thing....Look at the size of those lady lumps!!! Where did they come from??? :-)
I LOVE what you did with the dress and I agree that a black choker would have looked perfect, but I think that everything you chose worked beautifully!
Come check out my new blog!

Donna O. said...

Me again- No, I love Elisa! She's the marionette gal. Didn't love the dress but LOVED her preview!!

darlingdivadurelle said...

Love the dress.. I talked to you a couple of times this week and you did not mention this event was just happening ... sorry I missed the excitement. Your dress looked GREAT!
Thanks for showing my LBD.. that won on "Project DOLLway" a couple of your blog buddies have been over to my blog and left comments...yea... we live for comments....hehehe My doll world is still trying to catch on to the blogging bug...
Hope all goes well this morning at auditions for Ruby!

A Fanciful Twist said...

You keep me up to date, you are funny, and you are fab!!!!! I don't get channels at the studio.. so I am a movie girl... keep us P.R. posted... or me at least!! xoxooxox Youa re a dish!!

Anonymous said...

kit's dress was by far my favorite. The winner's was done a million times over, I love new and fresh. and you dahling, look absolutely fab! Tis it not better to be the susan l of the dallas theatre scene then to not be memorable at all?

cruststation said...

You are the most glamorous lady around, whatever the occasion (fabulous outfit)! Love the up-do Barbie, it's gorgeous.

Heidi said...

I'm new to PR, having caught up with an all-day marathon of last year's season, so I won't make predictions, but i love reading yours!

miss vintage love said...

OH wow! Gorgeous dress! You look divine. Nice job on the hemline too!

molly said...

ooh you look great, very glamorous, old time hollywood

i love project runway, but i dont get the channel anymore..BOO

AnastasiaC said...

oh the dress is super!!! you should like to natasha burns blog -
as she is hosting a Vintage prom blogging party!
i hope we get to see Project Runway the same time as you guys...we are always behind! love that show....

rochambeau said...

HEY Jungle Dream,
Are ya comin' to the PROM or what?

Angelina said...

I'm wishing I had access to that show right now. It's one of the few reasons I wish I had cable.

I think your dress turned out really well! Great transformation.

You know, being nominated for one of the categories of the local awards is pretty heady stuff in itself. Yay for you you!!! (I have no doubt I would have been voting for you) And Susan Lucci, with her long successful career kind of kicks butt.

I like the black accent color, by the way, with your revamped dress, better than I would have white.

StephenMosher said...

That dress looks FABULOUS! Great transformation!


Jenny (VintageSugarcube) said...

You're just absooolutely fabulous. Love your vintage/modern style. Fantasticoooo!! Hearts and Smooches to ya.


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