Monday, November 19, 2007


I know,I totally need vintage pilgrim dollies to make my Thanksgiving table top tableaux really rock,but hey I love it as is!
On to the mantel display. I re-used my pie pumpkins from Halloween and added the thrifted cannisters ....
...and filled them with more vintage Native American dollies and ...
... vintage turkey salt and pepper shakers inherited from my Grandma.The vintage items themselves would appear quite small on the mantel and perhaps look more like clutter than seasonal decor. I decided if I contained them in something larger it would it would not only unify the design ,but have more impact. I think the glass element modernizes it and also gives it a witty wink.
I ask my oldest daughter what she thought of my (to me)clever Thanksgiving decor. She very wryly replied"Hmmm,canned Indians.",her subtext "how seasonal".See ,I gotta find vintage pilgrim dollies to make the whole thing P.C.for next year.
Hows this pic for a visual non-sequitur? Hmmm,big blonde bubble do,tiny pink suit,GIANT pink one could ever recreate a costume look like the one I sported at the Southern Palace at 6 Flags over Texas,several,ahem, years ago.
Wait a minute....big blonde bubble do,tiny pink suit,GIANT pink bow. Hey thats the same look my oldest baby, Ruby, sported in Cats during the Growl Tiger/Griddle Bone dream ballet. My sis pointed out the uncanny resemblance to me at the time,but it wasn't until I found the old 6 Flags pics that my mouth fell agape. Why am I sharing this strange twins separated at birth type story?
Because I am about to have the honor of sharing the professional stage with my own baby!Next week I begin rehearsals for "The Goodbye Girl" a musical version of the Dreyfus/Mason film from the 70's.I take on the Marsha Mason role with Ruby making her professional debut as my daughter,Lucy. I am so thankful!
Heres wishing all of you the grandest of Thanksgivings!


A Fanciful Twist said...

Oh my gooooodness!! On stage together!!! FAB!! I swear you doo not age ever! You have the same tiny waist and gorgeous skin and perfect self!! How ever do you do it? You are a dish a beautiful hottie! xoxoxo

Stephanie said...

This is the BEST!!! Truly like mother like daughter, you will have SO MUCH fun!!!

Can't wait to see pics of the production and....I adore your family portrait and the way you display it...

kimsherrod said...

Came by to say Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! The smell of bread rising, chocolate pecan pie baking and maniac cleaning and ordering the house for company has almost driven me to the brink of insane happiness! My Son is coming to visit for Turkey Day!!!! Yeehaw!!!! I love your festive "preserved" indians! Now, that's funny! I have a super secret project that I am working on for you- I will show and tell about it next week if you don't mind me spoiling the surprise- I instantly thought of you when I found this vintage gold silk robe- you'll see- I am Calamity-fying it with some Pagoda love collage- You should get it before Christmas- teehee! Love and kisses to you and yours. :) kim

Sandra Evertson said...

Love your Thanksgiving decorations! And love those dollies too, they are perfect!
What a great idea, a vintage prom dress Christmas tree, I Love it! A whole new tradition!
Happy Thangiving!
Sandra Evertson

Mosaic*Queen said...

I could not let this day pass without wishing you and your family a very Happy Holiday!!
You Rock Miss Pagoda!

Angelina said...

I think for an actor that must be a great moment! To share the stage with your offspring. I hope you both have a blast doing it! Do you get to boss her around on the stage just like in real life?

AnastasiaC said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! love that photo on the mantle with your wee baby...precious!
how fantastic about the new show!!!

amanda button said...

teehee! Canned Indians! That girl is too much!

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

How FABULOUS!! On stage together!! What an amazing pic of you in the pink suit and giant bow! Where will this production of The Goodbye Girl be? You were gorgeous then and now!!
I am in awe!

Petula Darling said...

Congratulations on the roles!
I loved that movie when I was a kid. I think I need to rewatch it since all I can remember now is the theme song and how cool I thought Quinn Cummings was.

rochambeau said...

Hey Jungle,
Wishing you a belated Thanksgiving.
Adore the "canned Indians", and turkeys too! How very exciting about the Goodbye Girl, and that your daughter is part of the show too!!

You look good as a blond too!

Beautiful photo of you, your husband and your baby!

Gina said...

oh my goodness, I thought that picture of you was a picture of a barbie doll until I read your post! You pretty thing you.

cruststation said...

I love the big blonde bubble outfit, you look as young as you did then. The resemblance with your daughter (twins...does anyone ever call you sisters?) Good luck with sharing a stage with your baby, how cool!

StephenMosher said...

I need the dates of the show because i am coming to see it!

I know I owe you a phone call. I promise to, this weekend. I have been telling everyone about the show and how excited and proud I am.

I even blogged about it..



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