Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine,November 2008:Let Freedom Ring!

It has been a big week for America,and honestly,I just can't seem to wipe the smile off my face.
It is indeed a new day!
While feeling in a celebratory mood,I decided to resurrect my online fashion zine and share my election day garb!I voted early,(another day I smiled quite a bit)but worked a shift at the wee petals school for their Bake Sale(I made peanut butter blossom cookies!!)on election day. Could'ja get anymore "all American" than an old fashioned election day bake sale?
I had to put my own patriotic spin on things,so this is what I wore(click to enlarge any photo)!
A 1.55 thrifted 1980's secretary dress!It fit like a dream,and of course I added my own JDP touches,tooled leather belt ,matching cowboy boots,and bag,and my Obama button! I got the extra bonus of having the admiration of my beautiful Sweet AND Sour 12 year old daughter(Crooked Halo) when I picked her up from school. She very sweetly showered me with compliments on my look! It was quite unseasonably warm here,or ,if it had been colder,I might have chosen.....
My trusty overalls and a light blue lace vintage PJ top,cinched with a wide reproduction 50's belt,and topped off with a favorite Pendleton Wool jacket from the 40's with REAL mother of pearl buttons.For extra festive-ness and flash I would have worn my red boots and my Frida-esque tortured heart necklace!
My denim jacket with the absolute PERFECT patina is shown here adorned 80's style with an array of vintage campaign buttons.
I have collected these buttons over the years from garage sales and flea markets.
I am a life long Democrat ,but do not discriminate when I see a presidential campaign button. If you look close will see some really old ones. They are reproductions,but I still adore them!The Nixon and Humphrey buttons are original(and of course the Obama button).
...and what to wear in this unseasonably warm fall?
While I am continuing to clock lots of hours at the gym ,and cut muey carbohydrates(YAY me!)... I am still quite shackled to my overalls(much like I believe America has been feeling lately under the current administration!). Good thing I LOVE my overalls!
Here I added a newly thrifted for 2.55 bucks,ecru and green lace PJ top,brown vintage Cowboy boots,and a vintage crocodile bag( a recent gift from my mother).Although I feel its a bit odd to carry a croc bag,the purse is older than I am so I say let the poor gator have its moment in the sun again!
This is my new favorite necklace(also a recent gift from my Mom).I am Ka-Razy for portrait pendants and this is one of the prettiest I have ever seen!
...and what should I wear on Thanksgiving?
How about this shell pink lace dress? Yet ANOTHER recent gift from my mother(does she know me or does she know me!)!Oh,and she got it at a garage sale for 1 dollar!
Its actually a bit big,but I'll think of something and the there is a spot on the bodice anyone with spot cleaning advice?Worn with vintage boots,my Grandmothers Pagoda bag,and topped off(if it happens to be cold)with my very own Diffa Jacket. I won this little cape at a silent auction at Diffa (Design Industries Fights Aids) one year.The Dallas chapter gives designers ,artists and celebrities the opportunity to reimagine a denim jacket in whatever form they choose. I happen to love a variation on a theme!
My "capelet" is reversible patchwork leather ,and was the contribution of Nordstroms.To me it was absolutely the best offering that year!
Madonna contributes a jacket every year. She usually slaps a brooch on it and pairs it with an antique bed!
Here I am modeling my dear friend David Nelsons Ball Gown interpretation.

One year I even sang at it! I was Christina in the Lady Marmalade song! We opened for The Weather Girls, it was pretty cool!
Now thats what i call freedom of expression!


A Fanciful Twist said...

Singing "I think about you all of the tiiiiiiiiime, I hoooope you didn't forget me you beautiful lady with hair like wiiiiiiiiine!!! May all the fairies be by your side, dancing and plllaaaaaaying! Loves from the fanicul corner!!!"

Just pretend I am Kate Bush singing ;) xoxo - Vanessa

Heidi Ann said...

Yippppeeee! The return of my VERY favorite type of post from you!! I love it when you show us your fabulous outfits that you have assembled. Love it.

AnastasiaC said...

hey sweet its SO good to see you back here again - hope you update more often - we miss your posts!!!


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