Friday, November 21, 2008

New Treasures(atleast to me)That Are Inspiring Me.

I know......JDP blogging twice in one month? Am I feeling OK?
My answer would have to be an emphatic yes!My mood is much improved and I am really trying to take care of myself rather than being overwhelmed by my family's busy schedules.
I am trying my best to reignite my creative passions.
One beautiful step in the right direction was the recent acquisition of this lovely dress form. I have wanted one for EVAH!I have been faithfully stalking Craigs List for the perfect specimen(I much preferred it to be ecru and neutral).
I purchased it from a lovely older lady who had used it as a dress form in her Nevada resale shop in Carson city. She regaled me with wonderful tales of selling the SAME wedding dress over and over. I guess it was a convenient stop on the way in and out of that Vegas wedding!
My hope is that this little gal will help me bring to life some of the visions that have been dancing in my head. She presently resides in my magic closet. Hey, any ideas for her name?
A more regular workout schedule and keeping a much better eye on my diet has already resulted in weight loss.....
Thus making me step away from the overalls and back into some wonderful thrifted treasures.
Like this yellow shirt dress from the 60's for 3 bux!
Heres how it looks in the floor collection:
Thrifted Yellow shirt dress
Black Cardi with silver embroidery from the 50's ,inherited from my Grandma
Vintage Barbie bag used as purse,antique mall
Black tights,DKNY (always the best brand)
...and old school Doc Martens ,thrifted!

Heres how it looks on,snapped after a long day of school volunteering and mommy taxi cab driving!This look is what I called, "Worship of the Ugly" ,back in my college days and it still feels right.I gotta be me ,and silly discarded thrift store vintage(somewhat different than meticulously curated vintage clothing store vintage) never fails to inspire me.

This little straw bag will certainly see some action in the Spring,but these crazy Sci Fi dollies are really making me "wanna rock and roll and party every day"(especially the star spangled cutie on the right). Hmm,,,perhaps they could guest star in one of my Dollie Doppleganger stories!All thrifted for practically no money.

I have always loved these stackable mid century modern chairs designed by truly inspiring Danish Architect Arne Jacobsen.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I found these pint size copies at Target!
....and on sale for 14 dollars each! They are perfect for my Wee Petal.Soon I should devote an entire post to her own burgeoning style. Her room is merely an extension of her old fashioned girl meets edgy punk-ette(I am lovin' the tiny Vans she is rocking at school each day)!

Ah heck,how 'bout a sneak preview?
This stove was a Christmas present a couple of X-mas'es ago. I bought it at an Antique mall for under 50 bux!It will certainly become an heirloom toy for the generations.You see ,I have a philosophy when it comes to childrens toys.I believe that any chance you get to buy something beautiful do it!I much prefer to see wooden food strewn about my house to the plastic variety!Give me Groovy Girls over Barbie(give ME the vintage Barbies!) whenever possible.
I realize this is not always a possibility. Baby gear can tend to be on the plastic-ee side,and then there are always the plastic tiny pony addiction that atleast can be gathered and hidden!

If your sweetie pie loves toy pots and pans, I say thrift the real thing! They are cheaper more durable and more pleasing on the eyes!

Speaking of Christmas these new to me vintage pieces will be fun tiny inspiration for this years holiday.Can you believe the print on the vintage X-mas tree skirt? I think it might look better as a little girls skirt!

This handmade vintage felt wreath was lovingly created by some pair of sweet hands and now it will be loved again at my house!
...and what treasures are inspiring you?


MizSmoochieLips said...

Yay yay yay!! My long lost fashionista! I don't know how you found me, but I am SO GLAD you did! I'm bookmarking your blog NOW so it's never ever lost again. :)
Oooooh... what is inspiring me? Good topic for a post! I just got back from the thrift store with some very inspirational groovy fabrics (curtains) which will soon become a very tantalizing piece of something when I figure out what!
muah muah muah!

Heidi said...

Oh, pretty please make that FAB tree skirt into a real skirt and then be sure to take a picture! That is just darling!

Heidi Ann said...

I am happy for you, and yet beyond envious!! I want a dress form SO badly - it's making me crazy! I'm always so tickled to see a new post from you - love 'em! I think I have that same tree skirt, but perhaps in a smaller size. I always love your outfits - now you OR your dress form can model them for us! Keep those posts coming, please?!

Donna O. said...

Lisa!!! Good to see you. Always an smile on my face when I read your posts !!
Are you Top Chef-ing" or just a Runway gal??

Angelina said...

I am so happy you're feeling better!

You look great in that ensemble too.

My dressform's name is Headless Helen.

If I think of any suggestions I'll let you know!


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