Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day ,Lets Play Google image Fashion Stylist!

In honor of a day we should all focus on the many wonderful ways our life is AMAZING.... I would like to reach back into the archives of JDP and propose a round of my Google Image Fashion Stylist game. Remember I do NOT own any of these treasures ,except in my own google-able fantasies!
...and I wish I owned this turkey dress!!!!!! This image was sent to me by my adorable and dear friend Timothy of the crazy cool and always opinionated site The Epistle of Timothy. Could I ever have some fun in this vintage dream dress!

I typed in turkey + necklace and found this delightfully doomed Tom!

I typed in Black vintage purse and eventually settled on this gem!

I cheated and actually grabbed this image from The Victorian Trading Company

Thee little black booty shoes are perfect!
...and last but not least I would top it off with this spectacular example of a vintage leopard coat. I actually have 2 leopard beauties myself. ...but... can you imagine your entrance for Thanksgiving luncheon with your dreamy turkey dress peeking out the bottom?
I wish you all such a beautiful day of reflecting on the wonder of your own lives!


Heidi Ann said...

Those are indeed some drool-worthy fashions! My favorites: the fabulous dress, the turkey necklace, and those great black shoes!

Anonymous said...

Those black booties!!! TDF!
Happy Thanksgiving JDP

miss vintage love said...

That purse is awesome,
I love it!! Especially the handle!

Mosaic*Queen said...

Good to hear from you Ms. Pagoda!
I must say that the shoes are def my fav! I could totally strut those puppies!

Stylist said...

Great bag, dress and shoes. Beautiful!

Mendi said...

Where can I buy those shoes???


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