Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Littlest Hipster Tee How To!!!

Hipster Little Sis Tee !
Easy-peasy instructions:
Obtain thrifted tee (make sure the fit is correct ..but long enough to fringe)
Begin to clip a small fringe as even or uneven all around the shirt as you wish!
Carefully tear your individual fringe strands up to the waist!
Repeat all the way around until the tee is completely fringed!
You could also add beads to the fringe...but our littlest hipster was a bit impatient to try it on!
This simple restyle has cycled from my midriff days all the way to my sweet girls.....yeesh!

1 comment:

jungle dream pagoda said...

big sissie also had fun wit the make-up!


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