Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Enid Collins Bags from my Mommy!

Does it count as a thrift-venture if you choose to treasure hunt at your Mom's house?
Well you see at my Mamas place.... "It Grows On Trees" .......vintage delectables* that is.

Her closets overflow with both Enid and Lucite bags.
Ah ....yes....I come by my collecting tendencies honestly.

"Driftwood" ...perfect for the Fall.... and quite an unusual Enid shoulder bag!

Hard to think of Fall with so many 100+ days strung together here.....(my poor lawn)....but school has finally begun and while my littlest was craving getting back on a schedule(she would never express it that way but her actions did!)my oldest opens Romeo and Juliet on Thursday and the late nights/early morns are already a bit of an issue.
Please think positive thoughts for us as we navigate our unusual and challenging schedule!
P.S. Ruby just called to let us know she got in AP Music Theory!!...not bad for a sophomore who has only been playing the piano for a few months!

* Did I just make that word up?
Delectables: (noun) A cross between a group of things that is both collectable and delectable.


Heidi said...

Ooh, I've always hoped to find and Enid Collins in my thrifting, since I learned about her several years ago. No such luck so far! I love those purses!

Jenny (VintageSugarcube) said...

Ohhh! I LOVE Enid Collins bags. And yours are absolutely beeeeutiful. :)

Vivcore said...

Ooooo what amazing bags! It's fun to sop at Mums house sometimes, I got the best coat I ever had doing the same thing! (a big 60's suede coat)

Good luck getting back on schedule sounds like some tough hours to balance!

Carla said...

Those bags are amazing!!! So pretty.

Anasis said...

I love the old-fashioned bohemian style.
It includes a beautiful and smell and feel.

midwestmaude said...

Oh, you are a very lucky lady!! I want to see ALL of them!


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