Friday, August 26, 2011


Yup..she is officially an experienced Shakespearean actor!!!

....and a brilliant can a 15 year old possibly handle the verse as she does? I am blown away.

Amazing pics by fellow castmate Ryan Matthieu Smith and Garland Civic Theatre.


Heidi said...

Way to go, Hipster Princess! I'm sure she's fabulous!

jungle dream pagoda said...

OOOOOOOO adding more pics...she really looks like a princess in these!
Thank you sweet Heidi!

sweetheartville said...

Your Ruby is a beauty! She looks just like you. You must be one proud mama!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Oh....thank you Holly !!!

alix said...

Oh lady how PROUD you must be! She is stunning. I can only imagine how fun this must be for you. We had a huge theater program at my high school (we did three shows a year, a musical, a comedy and a drama) and it was a passion of mine. I miss theater very much. I'd love for wolfie to eventually get involved with it too.

And GO GO Ruby!!! break a leg, from her fans in San Francisco!! xo


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