Friday, September 09, 2011

Of Child Rearing and Taxi Cab Driving

Sometimes I think being a Mommy is what I do best....and then I am reminded..I just *try* to do my best.
Just how did my little petal take a self-portrait in a Beastie Boys t-shirt?
See what I mean.
School has begun...and we are no where near in a routine yet.

Ruby is still kicking bootie with her Shakesperience.
Noli is back at dance and has more homework(busy work really) in 3rd grade than big sissy has as a Sophomore in high school.We could start swimming back for my littlest too....but at 3 days a week after school + dance + homework....when does she get to be a kid?
Mommy's.....if you are out there reading this...I would love some feedback.....Thoughts on NOT choosing to add swimming into the mix?
Should I re-think this?

....and before R and J ends....rehearsals for the regional premiere of Spring Awakening* begins for Ruby.

She will be the youngest cast member in a cast of really young kids.You can read about our Broadway Spring Awakening experience here.
Oh...and did I mention I am teaching acting at night now?
I truly am thankful for our busy schedule...but I want to try to be the best Mommy I can be all the while. The difference in the ages of my girls (15 and 8)often have me wondering if I am being a fair and balanced Mommy(15 year olds generally have a packed schedule)...but I always try and stress that we are a family and when one member is busy....we rally around and support...because soon enough another will be going full force.
Enjoy those lazy days while they are really little!!!!
*conceptual set rendering by Chris Pickart

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