Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thinking About The Future In The Past

In the theatre we enjoy giving opening night gifties.
Sure it can be flowers...but often...if it is a special role.... we look for something with a bit more meaning.

Why yes...I have been a thrifter from way the heck back.

Well....shortly after the hubs and I were married ...I was shopping at T-Towne of my absolute fav-o-rite thrift stores of ALL TIME,when I came upon this cramazing silk vintage scarf.
I seem to recall it cost under a dollar( what I would pay + my newlywed budget was a lot less than today). I grabbed it immediately...thinking how I could give it to my daughter on opening night IF she ever did "R and J". Ofcourse I did not even HAVE a daughter yet...I would not even be expecting a child for about 2 years.
I put it in my rather immense vintage scarf stash and almost forgot about it till opening. I tore my house apart looking for it on opening night(it's still messy)...and found it!
Thrifted Kismet.


Heidi said...

How cool! I'm so glad you were able to find it after all these years!

Angie said...

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alix said...

THAT is spectacular!!! You are so like me....I do the same thing, "One day this will be PERFECT!"

It's an amazing scarf in general, but how special you could share it with Ruby!!

Ly Lynn said...

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