Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghoulia Yelps and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

My 8 year old is rockin' the Monster High resident "brain" ...Miss Ghoulia Yelps!!

Ah....My little Halloween work of art!

Big sissie is featured over at Modern Kiddo along with some other cramazingly creative H-ween 'stumes!!
I still find it so odd that the oldest always wanted to create her costumes from scratch and the little one wants a store bought 'stume.......I embrace the differences in my wonderful progeny!

Things are finally winding down a bit here at the Pagoda....I even found time let the little one carve pumpkins while mommy roasted the seeds.
MMMM...yummy....toss them with melted butter a touch of onion powder and salt.
Roast them for an hour at 300 EZ yummy!!
Happy Halloween!


Heidi said...

Cute girlie! Did Big Sis dress up this year too?

I roasted our seeds too because our pumpkin was a monster! couldn't bear to throw them all away. I read a recipe that said to boil them in salt water for 20 min first, then let them dry out 24 hours before roasting them. Supposedly that helps them get salty on the inside as well as the shells, but honestly--I can't tell the difference! I tried garlic salt this year, and maybe next year I'll do onion salt too!

Vivcore said...

Ah she makes a perfect Ghoulia! How cute!


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