Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Thrift-venturing......A List To Thrift By : Item #5 , Emilio Pucci

Oh yeah...I hit the mother load!...and for HALF PRICE of 2.95 !

This is not the first time I have thrifted Pucci.You can see my rather extensive collection here.

Here's the story...I was actually standing in line to pay for the rest of my treasures ....when across a crowded line .....I saw an interesting sleeve poking out of a rack of blouses and tops. So what to do? Loose my place in line and investigate said sleeve? You betcha!
Honestly...I thought it had a vintage look....but as you Pucci aficionados can is not the typical geometry type print for their silk blouses. What prompted me to leave the line..was my hunch that it might be Hermes.For me Pucci is better. I shall glam it down a bit with my overalls...or maybe that's glam my overalls up a bit!

The rest of my ..."To Be Thrifted" list.

Item #1:LP Cover Art

Item #2 :Overalls and 70's Shirts

Item #3:Vintage Holiday

Item #4: Vintage Sweaters


Heidi said...

Very cool! Love that you can spot vintage at 20 paces. :D

Betty Crafter said...

That is so impressive!!! Clothes is one of things I usually don't have patience for when thrifting - I don't enjoy the digging required. But I love clothes, and if I had a score as amazing as yours I think I would be converted!


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