Monday, September 04, 2006

A Back to School ,Preschool Wardrobe

Checking to see if the toy bread tastes real.I am finally back to creating.One of my favorite things to do is to make things for my girls. Alas, the oldest no longer wears the embellished goodies I once so prolifically churned out.Crooked Halo and I are now into a deconstruction phase. I'll let you know if I succeed on this front.
That leaves my Littlest Flower Blossom. She has a love for all things dainty, cute, and puppyish.Here is my completed,
long ago WIP project.
The materials used are:thrifted dress,embroidered linen,blue crocheted doily, and white hand crocheted lace.
This little brown dress was embellished with the same crocheted lace and a vintage tea towel ( I love that term ,much better than dish towel). This little towel,used here as an apron, has the cutest graphic of a little kitchen couple on it.Click on images to enlarge.
I like my little creations to be "3 dimensional", so I always add a little sumpin-sumpin on the back.

I thought I was going to be more emotional about my baby going to school, but so far the feeling I have is excitement. Ofcourse I was the one IN the classroom taking the pictures. We'll see how I feel tommorow when I drop her off.


MaryAnn said...

You know, through my own experience, I've found that toy bread just doesn't have quite the same flavor as the homemade variety. But then, maybe I didn't have the correct toy bread... Hmmmm...

jungle dream pagoda said...

LOL, on the other hand,toy bread has zero carbs and zero calories thus making it the perfect diet food.

thebutterflycollector said...

Your dresses are gorgeous and thanks for coming to visit my new site and for your lovely comments!


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