Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Day Entertainment and a Theatrical meme

What can I not WAIT for on Christmas day? Well ,besides family and Santa and presents and turkey,I cannot wait to see Dreamgirls!This piece is Broadway royalty,(that and we all know Jennifer Hudson was robbed on American Idol,I cried when she was booted),I am so excited to see this film version. Give me a truly wailin' female voice to listen to and I am as happy as a pig in mud!The original book was done by Playwright Tom Eyan,who wrote one of my favorite one-acts of all time,"The White Whore and The Bit Player"an odd little piece loosely based on Marylyn Monroe and originally done at the LaMama. I was lucky enough to do this show in college(white whore,not dreamgirls)and all this anticipation puts me in the mood for something revealing. In blogworld I regularly read little questionaires,folks tag others to answer questions about themselves. Well I have been tagged!! One of my dearest freinds and The Littlest Blossoms Godfather of The Stephen Mosher Blog has asked me to share. This might not be the sort of thing most of my dear readers are interested in ,(althought my answer to #4 is highly amusing ,upon reflection anyway!)so I ask you to indulge this very special ,to me, post. I tag you Timothy!

1. What director gave you your 1st lead?
When I was a sophomore in Hischool,David Coffee,cast me as Tuptim in "The king and I". I was NOT popular with several Jr and Sr girls for this coup ,although most forgave me when they saw the make-up regime this pale child went through every night. I believe the MaryKay product was called "Red Earth".

2. What was your quickest costume change?
Probably in the Batman Stunt Show when I changed from Selena Kyle to Catwoman.I did a highfall into a vat of poison then appearedat the top of the set before the slide for life carried me across the stadium (luckily one can underdress spandex).

3.Do you have any real superstitions?
Oh,you know just the usual,never quote "the Scottish play",never say "good luck"

4.Biggest screw up on stage?
Okay,I can laugh about it now,but at the time I was quite undone by it.I was ask to fill in for the catterpillar/butterfly in Alice in Wonderland (a childrens show with an audience full of CHILDREN). This request came the night before I went on .It was no more than 10-15 lines over 2 scenes with an easy song thrown in.We met an hour before call and the rehearsal was hunky dory! We had 2 shows that day,the 1st went great! I mined the beast for laughs the original actor hadn't thought of. 2nd show,I guess I got a little cocky making the parents laugh at my Cheech and Chong inspired use of the hookah,because before you can say white rabbit,I had said "its good shit, try it". I don't know if the look on the actresses face playing Alice or the look on mine was more priceless. The director met me as I exited,and the theatre already had a prepared statement,"oh no ,she said ,its good you SHOULD try it".Those that know me best understand the irony of this situation. I had no real experience playing this "burntout" intention,and was quite the goody 2 shoes.Thankfully they did know me at this theatre and all was forgiven(eventually)and muey laughs were had by all(mostly at my expense)!

5.Most annoying theatre petpeeve.
Being ask to wear false eyelashes,they sting!

6.Who have you never worked with that you've wanted to?
Idina Menzel or Rene Moreno

7.Do you/have you ever had a theatre crush ?
Oh yes, and here at 13 and a half years I would say it really worked out!

8. What actors/actresses do you most admire?
So many,Annette Benning,Judith Ivey,Glen Close,Mary Louise Parker,Audrey Hepburn,Johnny Depp,Idina,Kristen Chenowith etc.... and on and on.

9.Who is your favorite director to work with?
Bruce Coleman

Bruce or Linda Leonard,she really works with my strengths.

11.Musical Director?
Its a tie, Terry Dobson and Lee Harris

12.What was your most uncomfortable costume?
Probably the next to nothing I wore in Ondine,getting in and out of the water and then going outside when it was cold!

13.If you could dance like anyone who would it be?
Gene Kelly

14.Have you ever been cast in a role you thought was wrong for you?
OOo,let me count the ways. In college I was cast as Beverly in "A Shadow Box",she is an alcoholic nympho,I was a virgin tee-totaller. Then theres,being cast as Marta in "Company",there are so many roles in that show I am right for,Marta is not one of them.

15.What was your strangest audition?
I'm sure it involves improv and The Theatre Garage(one needed a penicilin shot just to enter the building).

16.What is your favorite audition song?
This one is ever changing ,but I always go back to "Vanilla Ice Cream".

17.Have you ever dated anyone at the theatre,did it work?
See #7 oh,and blogtography of my golden angels!

18.Is there any role that you played that you could play better now?
I did Blanche in college and did not yet have the rich tapestry of life experiences to truly do her justice, although I believe my imagination and love and understanding of Mr Williams work,still created a performance to be proud of.

19.What is your dream role?
I probably will never get the chance,but I think I could bring a little sumpin' sumpin' to Elphaba.

20.have you ever worked backstage?
Does directing count?

21.If you could have one job on Broadway what would it be?

22.What is the worst community Theatre Production you've seen?
Not sure.

23.Most painful theatre experience?
Linda Eder in Jeckle and Hyde.

24.What is your favorite role you've played?
Can I choose 2? Mrs Walker in "Tommy" and Belle in"Dreams From A Summer House"

25.What junkfood do you crave in the theatre?
I do not tend to eat in the theatre,but I do drink more water than usual.

26.Do you have a favorite rehearsal outfit?
With regards to what I rehearse in,I tend to pull things out of my closet that reflect the show .For example,when I played that blythest of spirits, Elvira,I pulled fom my vintage negligee collection and always topped my clothes with a piegnoir.

27.What show have you rarely seen done that youi wish someone would do?

28.What is your favorite venue to perform in?
Right now ,definitely The Uptown Players space,but I still love the Theatre Three space.

29.Favorite venue to see a show?
That Broadway theatre that I saw "An Inspector Calls"

30.What is your proudest theatrical accomplishment?
Is it okay to say my girls(since they rather indirectly came out of the theatre.)?

31.What is your biggest mistake?
I'm guessing you mean onstage,see#4,oh,and then theres the time I played Barbra Allen,barely ate and fainted on opening night in "Dark of the Moon",right when I was marrying the witch boy. The townspeople improved "She been witched"!

32.What show could you never see again and not miss?
Fiddler on the Roof

33.Whose singing voice do you most enjoy listening to?
Idina,Rebecca Luker and my 10 year old daughter who blows me away(she will play Elphaba).Non-theatrically I must also mention,Kate Bush and Elizabeth Frazer.

34.What is your fondest theatre memory?
I have 2 ,meeting my husband in "The Fantasticks",and meeting 2 of my best friends in "Ondine".

35.What do you enjoy most about theatre?
The joy of the work.

36.Are there any theatre companys you won't work for?
I would work for them all!

37.Ever been left hanging on stage?
I think mostly I did the leavem' hangin'(especially poor Alice).Gotta change it up ya know?

I could say I wish I had gone to NewYork,but the truth is, I love my life just AS it is. Being a Dallas Equity actor,I have had the pleasure of playing roles,living a lifestyle and doing things in a way that few of my Equity brothers and sisters in N.Y. have.

40.Ever take a role as a favor?
In Dallas they don't really pass out contracts as favors.

41.What is the biggest sacrafice you've made for a show?
When I lived in Indy,Dallas called for a wonderful show called "Triumph of Love".My oldest daughter and I came and stayed with my folks for 6 weeks so I could play the cross-dressing Princess,leaving my sweet and understanding husband in the midwest to cheer me on.

42.If you could direct your dream show what would it be?
Directing was never my calling,so I pass on this query.

43.When was the last time you were onstage?
Last night I was rehearsing a benefit.

44.Have you ever won an award?
In hischool I won best supporting actress twice,and various speech tournament trophies. In college I won best actress twice(once for Blanche). My freshman year I won best female newcomer.I have won critics forum awards,since becoming a professional actor.

45.Is there anyone with whom you refuse to work?
No,and just as soon as you make such a proclamation,you will break it.

46.If you were to walk away from the theatre now which friends would tou take?
All of them.

47.Of all the #s stored in your phone how many are theatre peeps?
Probably half.

48.What is your most random prop story?
During Blthe Spirit,my friend Leslie(who later played Hugh Jackmans mother in flashbacks in "The Boy from Oz")took me backstage after a performance and showed me "the Cocktails" already poured and set up for the NEXT nights performances. Now ,I played a ghost so I had no requirement to imbibe,but those other poor actors ,Bleh!

49.What is your most random set story?
In college I did a Moliere piece on a giant jungle gym ,that we climbed all over.Oh and after my fainting spell in "Dark of the Moon" I was supposed to climb up a mountain,so the director changed the blocking so the other Witches could surround me and catch me just in case.

50.What would make you stop doing theatre?


AnastasiaC said...

Oh you sound so so pasionate about it!! wonderful interview!! Im so glad you are following your bliss...more of us should follow suit...

StephenMosher said...

SOOOOO??!!! What did you think of Dreamgirls?



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