Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine,the Off-spring -centric issue ,just in time for Spring!

I know,I already hear you asking,"what could dear Babs possibly have to do with my special "Off-spring-centric,for Spring" issue of MOVCFM"? Well,its her Scassi see-thru pantsuit(causing a bit of a scandal)that she picked up her 1969 Oscar for "Funny Girl" in.Everytime I wore my favorite yellow maternity dress,from the 60's,I simply could not resist looking in the mirror ,patting my tummy,and mimicking her famous acceptance line,(read with accent)"Hello Goygeous"!
Question #2:Why am I featuring maternity vintage? Ah ,heck I don't know,it could be the last 2 months that I spent with a prop tummy and getting in touch with that special muscle memory that immediately makes you waddle!Or,then again,maybe its just me being a good magazine editor and letting you know that vintage is a viable maternity option!
I have a special hanging canvas clothing bag filled with cedar chips that I keep my special "archival garments": such as my wedding dress,what I was wearing the day I met my hub,and ofcourse maternity clothes from both pregnancies.This little yellow frock was probably not intended as such,but I wore it with both girls anyway!

This black wool dress with fringed sleeves,is a real maternity dress,the brand,"Coming Attractions". I shortened it,wore black tights,sensible(for me) heels,pearls,and chose a funky vintage poodle purse from the 50's(as always,you may click on any image to enlarge).

This black silk dress was handmade by someone. I am crazy for the red rose stem applique. It worked quite well because it was long and WAY to big for me.It is teamed with the same sensible heels,and my Grandmas black purse,with a floral jewel relief. I wore it only once,2 weeks before the little petal was born ,as director of Crooked Halos school talent show.

Though it is getting harder and harder,you can still find childrens vintage,both at the thrift and sometimes at antique malls.This collection of baby boys shirts were all thrifted in anticipation of my 1st(even while I instictually knew she was a she),for under a dollar each.
These PRECIOUS dresses were wore by both of my girls and they probably got more wear out of them than the original owners,all thrifted!

This Little LuLu dress,just fits my littlest now and she loves it(the big one did too)!If you unzip Little LuLu's coat ,this is the message.

Another thrifted fave worn by both girls! The fabric is "Mary had a little lamb".
This veggie salad shirt (with a bowl as the pocket) captures the witty wink /irony my oldest baby loves!
When I was in my 20's I wore and styled this yellow lace dress,exactly the same way,with yellow converse!
Honestly ,I could fill another issue with vintage kid fashion. My little one wore a darling red "patio dress",with the tiniest ric-rac you've ever seen, to school today,and has another fave in to wash right now.What can I say? Vintage clothing is the panacea for that adolescent need for individuality,and its easy on the budget for a wee ones lightning fast growth!

The complete collection of MOVCFM:


Jennifer said...

LOVE all the looks, but my fave is the dress with the cowboy boots - oy!

Karen Beth said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so in love with that veggie top! TOO CUTE!

I love all of it though, especially that black top in the second pic.

To be honest, I'm not pregnant and have never been pregnant and wear maternity clothes sometimes. I weigh about 115 lbs. but love the empire wait look of things and just go with it.

I say to take them out of the cedar bag and wear them! If they are that cute on the floor, they are bound to be cute on any body. Adorable pieces!

Anonymous said...

Yes! yay! Hurrah! Ok, please come be my stylist. Check back tomorrow and I'll post a skirt (or maybe a petticoat? skirt? whatever) that I want to wear but I'm not sure what with. I think we were born in the wrong era, girl! And slips... can I tell you how much I love slips? Love them. Grew up with a mother who insisted a girl must always wear a slip underneath. I'm not brazen enough to wear one on the outside... however... there is this little pink thing that would be so cute...

Am I yibbering on and on? I love the originality of the kids clothes!! Ok, lets see... my favorite? Sheesh do I have to pick?

And oh. I'm paying my 29.99 right now for my years' subscription to your mag. Do you accept vintage monopoly money? heh heh

p.s. I think little LuLu wins hands down for me.

Heidi said...

Love it, as usual! I'm envious of your talent for putting clothes together with a flair! I'm trying to break out of my boring style but finding it harder than I thought. I love Miss R. in that yellow dress! If you wore that in your twenties, you must have been a tiny wisp of a thing!

Petula Darling said...

Another excellent issue!
I'd be happy to wear all of the outfits.
The Little Lulu dress is really funny - is the message intended for suitors who lift Lulu's skirt with unseemly ideas in mind?

Feathers said...

The rose dress and the poodle purse are my favorites - ohhhh, the poodle purse!!! :) Aw, I love them all!

Vanessa said...

I love it all! Your girls are stunning, just like you. Gosh, so lucky they all got your gorgeous locks! They are soooo blonde and stunning.. like golden silk....Oh, my, do you feel like your older girl is growing up into a young lady way too fast????I do, and I don't even know her....Every time you show her face, she is more mature looking!!! And, your baby, she looks a little bit older too!!! Yikes...Keep them small!!! Or send for the stork!!! I can just imagine you in your fab preggers outfits! You must have looked like a full blown Goygeous dish!!!!

stilettoheights said...

1st.....your girls are so cute I want to squeeze them so hard!!

second, adorable preggie clothes, though frankly I was distracted by the bags and the shoes...I Had to go back and look at the clothes.


Anonymous said...

The first yellow outfit is amazing, I love it for a mod spring with the new black skimmers out now.

I also adore the little lulu dress, vintage children's clothes have such an innocence about them that should really be bought back today.

mosaic queen said...

Love the new issue darling! So glad I don't need maternity clothes ever again. 4 pregnancies was quite enough and let me just say....I was not a cute pregnant woman.
Love that poodle purse!!!!!

gilfling said...

Oh your girls make such adorable models as they strike their poses!!

That yellow dress is just beautiful as are all the looks! Puts me very much in the mood for vintage shopping.

Vallen said...

I still have fond memories of the dresses I wore as a kid oh so many years ago. You're lucky to find them still. The dresses were beautifully made. We had an ironing lady just to keep up with that kind of stuff. She had to startch the dresses and it must have taken hours to finish up those tucks and smocking. But we looked the bomb with our pincurled hair and black maryjanes.

S. said...

I love that so many vintage pieces are hand made. But it means you definately have to try it on first. The preportions can be wacky.

Eviedee said...

So darling, every last one! If I saw you in public in the yellow dress with black bow I would HAVE to run up to you and tell you how adorable you are! So.... it's probably a good thing that you live in Texas because likely I would embarass us both with my gushing. :)

Peta said...

As always darling, your clothes are to DIE FOR!!! I especially hanker for the poodle bag.
What gorgeous girls you have, petite drama queens I should imagine :)

liebemarlene said...

Barbra is fabulous and so are you! Another great issue of the vintage clothing magazine.

AnastasiaC said...

Cool looks!!!
all the new empire line baby doll dresses that are so IN right now make us gals look pregnant anyway...
love Lulu - was one of my favourite cartoon characters, your girls are gorgeous!!!

Vanessa said...

Hi Hi Hi! I survived!!!!

stephanie said...

These dress vignette's are just the best!!! I LOVE the shoes paired with them.

the black dress with the red rose, yes, wonderful!

My grandmother gave us the dress she wore on her first date with my grandfather....a gorgeous silk with huge red roses and a long sleeved black velvet short jacket that went over it. We RUINED!!!! it playing dress up! How I would love to have it now!

Rebecca said...

I love that your girls are both into vintage! Hmm, maybe I should start checking the kids section for vintage hmm . . . never thought about that!

eb said...

oh jdp - you move me babe - oh the vintage from my vintage years... - you inspire - at my wedding - I wore my Gran's 40's teal jacket along with sheer palazzo (sp?) pants, cami and cowboy boots - back in college - oh it was the 40's sweater sets - peach and merlot - there was a period in grad school with the torn sweat with rhinstone brooch - honey you're bringin' back my style - I love it - now when I was pregnant - it was the long black dress with the rosary - then I bumped into a priest and got a little nervous - ok - I hid... maybe that slowed me down... - oh your style sense - now... are we anticipating... by chance/by choice???????????

xox - eb.

Gypsy Purple said...

Have a great and blessed

Timothy Hogan said...

You're going to stumble into yet another career if you're not careful. People with no extra time to spare usually do. Everything is lovely, smart and SO LisaGabrielle I clip and save some of them I spent the week defending the word "boobies" as obscene and a nude-period picture of The Three Graces as "pronographic."


sarah said...

I know I'm late to the party but this issue is STUNNING!!

I am so envious of the kid's vintage, I wanted vintage for little Em so badly but here in the big city that never shuts up the dealers clean the thrifts out of anything worth while long before I get there. I found a few things out of town but your collection is awe-inspiring!

And yes, the Little Lulu dress is the champ, hands down. I am coveting that like you would not believe!!

Looking forward to the next installment!!

Mary Jane said...

Wow, wow, wow! Of course the little girl dresses are my favorite. Those girls of yours are the Cutest! Love the yellow sneaks with the yellow dress, and the cowboy boots and red dress with the sensational blue placket!!!

Amanda said...

Those little boys shirts are just so great. I love finding cool vintage shirts for my son. Check this baby boy's shirts.


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