Friday, November 25, 2011

Well Hello There Christmas Season !

It's here !!!
Did I miss Thanxgiving? Nah.....I cooked yesterday and my decor was a bit of a re-tread of T-giving days past.
If you care to peek you can view my crazy turkey day takes here and here!

...but in the mean time it's time for....
Thrift-venturing......A List To Thrift By : Item #1:LP Cover Art and
Item #3:Vintage Holiday !!!!
I am dying over the hair and makeup of the "organ and Chimes cutie!!! This LP cover art will go nicely in the Odd little architectural nook!
The bottle brush tree is full of tiny vintage fruit and the 70's angel will go nicely with this collection...and I love the color , her little face and the sweet little bird she is holding! Not bad for a holiday spree for under 5 dollars!

The rest of my ..."To Be Thrifted" list.

Item #1:LP Cover Art

Item #2 :Overalls and 70's Shirts

Item #3:Vintage Holiday

Item #4: Vintage Sweaters

Item #5:Emilio Pucci

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